„… wonderful … more demanding than my own prosa writing … just 40 lines and everything necessary included … aesthetical … close to constructivism … worth for publication …“

Ady Henry Kiss, Deutschland
Autor, SWR2-Radio (Deutschland)


“You have found your own voice. With your own voice I mean: on the surface it is straightforward, an objective description. On a deeper level and between the words there’s a kind of irony, a humour, it strikes me as funny.”

Gary Dodson, USA
Language Studies


„Your texts: I like them very much – especially when read all at once. Your style gets quite clear and your world. Suddenly the reader is in an other perspective of things, I like this very much. Some parapgraphs are quite funny. […] You have your very own style – very authentic and special.”

Daniela Heissl, Wien
Schauspielerin und Tänzerin